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Every year, Aruba receives hundreds of inquiries about getting married on the island. Whether you choose to renew your vows on the beach, during a private sunset cruise, or at a lush tropical garden, getting married in Aruba is a wonderful way to add exotic romance to your wedding day. There are a multitude of properties on the island with complete banquet facilities for your reception, and many of Aruba's fine restaurants offer elegant private rooms for special occasions. Afterward, enjoy your honeymoon here, taking advantage of the islands breathtaking vistas and secluded hideaways to celebrate your romance. A great many of Aruba's best resorts and hotels offer all-inclusive honeymoon packages, and the island itself is simply perfect for newlyweds.

Here is a sample of some of Aruba's most romantic spots:   

  • The scenic vistas of the California Lighthouse, which looks out over Aruba's windward coast and the rugged California dunes from the nothwestern tip of the island. 
  • The intimate beauty of Baby's Beach, at the southeastern tip of the island. A stunning spot for a private beach rendezvous. 
  • The dazzling beauty of the waters of Arashi Beach, on the northern side of the island. A beautiful snorkeling site. 
  • The exotic sand dunes of Boca Prins, on the northeastern shore. 
  • The tropical surrounds of Andicouri, a coconut grove and picnicking spot with a magnificent island view. 
  • The private coastal islands of Sonesta and De Palm. 
  • The secluded cove of Spanish Lagoon, once the haunt of early island pirates. 
  • The wonder of the Natural Bridge, with the surf pounding against the rocks or dipping into the Natural Pool, or Conchi. 
  • Under a Divi tree--at sunrise, sunset, or any other time. 
  • The broad panorama from Yamanota Hill, the highest point on the island. 

If you are interested in marriage on Aruba, please be aware of the following recommendations and regulations. Civil marriage on Aruba is allowed only if one of the partners is an Aruban resident and/or one of the parties has been a resident for at least six months. You can arrange religious wedding ceremonies, provided that you are legally married within your own country and that the proper officials in Aruba are contacted in advance.   


Religious Regulations

The following are only a few of the regulations for some religions. Please note that non-Protestants can be married by the Protestant Church.


Catholic Church    

  • The prospective bride and groom should have attended pre-wedding preparation at their parish. 
  • They should bring along a permit to get married in Aruba from their priest. 
  • They should bring an official form stating that neither of them have ever been married in church. 
  • The couple should be married by Government ceremony in their country. 

The couple should contact one of the following priests BEFORE coming to Aruba: 
Office of Civil Registry
Attn: Mr. Betto Christiaans
Schoolstraat 2
Oranjestad, Aruba
Tel: (297) 583-4400
Fax:(297) 583-9160


Protestant Church/Episcopalian/Methodist

    • The prospective bride and groom should marry before civil authorities in their country. In the U.S., that would be a justice of the peace or a municipal judge; in Japan, that would be a prefect; in Europe, that would be the official connected with the local town hall administration in charge of weddings. 
    • They should bring along their wedding certificate or a similar official document verifying that they have been married according the the law of their country. 
    • BEFORE coming to Aruba, contact:

    Office of Civil Registry
    Attn: Mr. Betto Christiaans
    Schoolstraat 2
    Oranjestad, Aruba
    Tel: (297) 583-4400
    Fax:(297) 583-9160
    to arrange the wedding ceremony together.   

    The ceremony can be conducted in one of the church buildings, at the host hotel, on the beach, or anywhere the couple prefers. 




  • Submit a verification of Judaism for both partners from the rabbi of their home town. 
  • Submit a petition to the Aruba Jewish Community:
  • Israelische Gemeente-Bet Israel   
    A. Lacle Blvd. 2, Box 2, Aruba   
    Tel: (2978) 23272


Contact the Aruba Tourism Authority in Atlanta for further information at (404) 892-7822.

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