Swords, Ships & Sugar
History of Nevis to 1900

by Vincent K. Hubbard

Vincent K. Hubbard has long been active in the Nevis Historical and Conservation Society. Currently holding the office of President, his interest in the history of Nevis was kindled by the many ruins of buildings and forts which cover the island. What began as a study of the island's fortifications ultimately grew into this book of colonial history. Written in an anecdotal style, the author brings alive the colorful history of a seemingly forgotten Caribbean island that was once pivtoal to the world's economy. High seas heroes and daring pirates clash over coveted sugar trade routes, gold doubloons and plantation legacies, only to battle the further ravages of hurricanes, earthquakes and disease. Charmingly illustrated, faithfully documented, Swords, Ships & Sugar includes infamous details surrounding the wedding of Lord Nelson, and the birthplace of Alexander Hamilton.

"Anyone with the faintest interest in the Caribbean and its history ought to invest in Swords, Ships & Sugar. A dramatic story of adversity and triumph--my hat's off to Vince Hubbard--good job all around." William Steif - Caribbean Week

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