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Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum
The Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum, at Nos.48 and 50, JalanTun Tan Cheng Lock, is the ancestral home of three generations of a Straits-born Chinese Baba family. The building is now converted into a stunning museum that preserves the unique legacy of the Babas.

The Babas combine Chinese and Malay culture, a result of marriages between early Chinese settlers and local Malay women. Over the years, a distinct culture called the Baba Nyonya or Peranakan culture emerged. Guided tours are between 10am-12.30pm and 2pm4pm.

lightshow.gif (29913 bytes)Sound and Light Show
This multimedia show, presented at Padang Pahlwan, Bandar Hilir, brings Malacca's six hundred years of history to life in a vivid sound and light production. The hour-long show is presented at 8.30pm (Bahasa Melayu) and 10.30pm (English). Admission is RM5 for adults and RM3 for children.

Air Keroh Recreational Forest
Fifteen kilometers east of Malacca is Air Keroh, a vast tract of diverse tropical forest with excellent camping facilities, nature trails, and picnic spots. Visitors can lodge in cabins or enjoy a night in a treetop house.

The Malacca Zoo
The open-habitat zoo sprawls over 22 hectares and has been rated as one of the best in Malaysia. It is home to the rare and endangered Sumatran Rhinoceros as well as many other animals indigenous to Southeast Asia.

Reptile Park
Opposite the zoo is the Reptile Park, which houses most of the dozens of species of snakes to be found in Malaysia.

Mini Malaysia
The traditional houses at Mini Malaysia exemplify the architectural styles of each of the thirteen states of Malaysia. Each of the houses was constructed by a master builder and is furnished with elements characteristic of the culture of each state. Attractions include weekly cultural shows and traditional games.

A unique theme park conceived as a summary of the prominent cultural elements of the countries that make up ASEAN (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Brunei).

Butterfly Farm
One of the world's most comprehensive butterfly and insect farms, with well over two hundred local species, including the rare Raja Brooke and Birdwing butterflies. The farm also possesses an extensive collection of insect specimens.

croc.JPG (7448 bytes)Crocodile Farm
One of the largest crocodile farms in the country. There are more than a hundred species found here, including Albino and humpbacked crocodiles. The farm is landscaped to recreate the reptiles' natural environment. Exciting, suspenseful performances by the keepers and the crocodiles are held every Saturday.

Beaches and Islands around Malacca:

  • Tanjong Kling: 15 km north of Malacca town.
  • Tanjung Bidara: 35 km north or Malacca town.
  • Pulau Besar: 4 km from Malacca. To get to the island, take a bus or a taxi to Umbai Jetty. Boats leave hourly to the island. Accommodation is available on the island.


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