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Air Transportation

From U.S. Cities:

SAS/Scandinavian Airlines
Tel.: (800) 221-2350
Routes: Chicago - Copenhagen, 9 hours; Newark, N.J. - Copenhagen, 8 hours; Seattle - Copenhagen, 9-1/2 hours.

Tel.: (800) 950-5000
Routes: Miami-Helsinki-Copenhagen, 10-1/2 hours; New York-Helsinki-Copenhagen, 9 hours; San Francisco-Helsinki-Copenhagen (May-September), 12 hours.


Tel.: (800) 223-5500
Routes : Baltimore-Reykjavik-Copenhagen, 8 hours; Ft. Lauderdale-Reykjavik-Copenhagen, 8 hours; New York-Reykjavik-Copenhagen, 8 hours; Orlando-Reykjavik-Copenhagen, 9 hours.

Delta Air Lines
Tel: (800) 241-4141
Route: New York-Copenhagen, 8 hours.

SAS operates connecting flights to major cities in Denmark via Copenhagen. Through cooperation with United Airlines, SAS links all of the USA directly to Denmark.

How to get to Denmark while in Europe

SAS is joined by all major European air carriers in linking major Danish cities to the rest of the continent on a daily basis. Most Danish cities are reached in approximately 1 hour and 55 minutes from London, 1 hour and 50 minutes from Paris, 2 hours and 40 minutes from Rome, 3 hours and 10 minutes from Madrid, 1 hour and 20 minutes from Amsterdam, and 1 hour and 30 minutes from Frankfurt or Munich.

How to get around in Denmark:

Domestic transportation is quite sophisticated in Denmark. All major cities are reached in about a half an hour by air and there are several departures available daily.

Airport Transfers:

  • Frequent coach service is available from Copenhagen Airport, Kastrup, to the city center:
  • Transfer by airport bus to/from Copenhagen Central Station, price US$6. Children under 12 years travel for free. Transfer by regular bus to/from R‚dhuspladsen, price US$3. Children 7-12 US$1.75. Children under 7 years travel for free.
  • For a taxi from the airport to the city center, prices range from US$17 to 21. Select between regular taxis (max. 4 persons) or minibuses (max. 8 persons).

Air Discount Programs

Discount Fares
SAS and cooperating airlines offer special low, weekend, senior citizens, youth, special events, and family fares, depending on destination and season. Contact: Scandinavian Airlines Tel: (800) 221-2350.

Discover Europe Fares
Any of 100 European destinations can be explored at one low price: US$105-200 per coupon. Contact: Finnair Tel.: (800) 950-5000.

Nordic Air Pass
Up to eight coupons may be purchased for one-way direct flights within Finland, Norway, and Sweden, as well as routes between Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. Price: US$300 (4 coupons). Contact: Finnair Tel.: (800) 950-5000.

SAS Visit Baltic Pass
For tourists originating from the United States, SAS sells 2-4 coupon tickets for travel between Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Helsinki, Finland and the Baltic States. Price: from USD 220. Contact: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Tel.: (800) 221-2350.

SAS Visit Europe Airpass
For tourists originating in the United States, SAS offers the Visit Europe Airpass valid on Scnadinavian Airlines routes between Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Price: U$ 125 per segment with a minimum of 2 coupons. Contact: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Tel: (800) 221-2350.

SAS Visit Scandinavia Airpass
For tourists originating in the United States, SAS sells a 1-6 coupon ticket for travel between Sweden and Finland and between and within Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. The 1-6 coupon ticket is sold in conjunction with the purchase of international transportation on SAS to Scandinavia. Tickets can be purchased only in North America. Price: from US$85. Contact: Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) Tel.: (800) 221-2350.

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