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Bed & Breakfast

Danish Bed & Breakfast publishes a catalogue of Bed & Breakfast establishments. Also the island of Fyn (Funen) has developed a fine concept for Bed & Breakfast followed up by sign posting along roads and a catalogue available from the Faaborg Tourist Office. Season: all year. Price: US$18-37 per night, per person. See also Farm Holidays.

Cabins & Holiday Homes

Most holiday homes in Denmark are privately owned and characterized

by the owner's taste. The houses may vary in size, but all are tastefully furnished and equipped with the necessary facilities. Holiday homes are conveniently located throughout Denmark, some only a 30-minute ride from Copenhagen. Season: all year. Price: US$500-2,000 per week, per house/cabin. Rates depend on season, size and location. On the west coast of the Jutland peninsula, specially designed houses with amenities such as indoor swimming pool and sauna are available in peak season, some accommodating up to 10-12 people.


Denmark offers 525 approved camping sites with tents, caravans, and campers. Several of the sites have cabins and huts for rent. The sites are inspected annually and classified with 1 to 5 stars. A camping pass valid for one calendar year is required and can be obtained at any Camping site office at a price of approx. US$8 per family, or approx. US$4 single. Most of Denmark's camping sites (86%) have established facilities for motor homes. i.e. all 2-5 star sites. No camping is permitted outside official sites. Copenhagen has a special site with all facilities for motor homes only. Season: varies. Price: US$5-10 per night, per person. Children pay half. Motorhomes: US$16.

Castles & Manor Houses

Denmark is known for its castles and manor houses. Season: all year. Price: from US$118.

For more information, contact:

  • Danish Heritage Castles & Manor Houses
    Fælledvej 1B
    DK-8800 Viborg
    Tel: 86 60 38 44
    Fax: 86 60 38 31

Farm Holidays

"Farm Family Holiday" or "Holiday in the Country" are two versions of the old-fashioned country holiday. If you choose a farm family holiday, you stay on a farm as a guest of the family, joining the family and other guests for meals - from Bed & Breakfast to half or full board. Holiday in the country means you stay in an apartment or small house on or near the farm, and do your own housekeeping. There is a choice of 370 farms all over Denmark, and they offer everything from the quiet charm of a farm with one or two rooms to rent, to the lively atmosphere and choice of activities of busy homes with up to 50 beds.

A stay in the country offers a host of choices: follow along in what's going on at the farm, even help if you can, relax in the sun, go for a walk, a run, a ride, a bike trip or on a fishing expedition, or an excursion to nearby attractions. Farm hosts arrange a variety of activities, ranging from bonfires and folk dancing, to riding lessons, horse-and-buggy rides, and tennis or billiards, to swimming, pottery, patchworks, Christmas crafts and smoke-curing fish. Rates for a farm family holiday include breakfast. Season: all year. Price: from US$32 per person per night.


One Hundred (100) Danish youth and family hostels are scattered throughout the country, ranging from new structures to old, carefully renovated buildings steeped in atmosphere and tradition. All of them offer modern facilities, most of them also so-called "family rooms" (with private shower) accommodating 2-6 persons. Guests must bring their own sheets, but several hostels have sheets for rent. Sleeping bags are not permitted. Most hostels have a kitchen available for their guests, but meals can be had at a reasonable cost in most hostels--Breakfast maximum US$7, 2-course dinner maximum US$10. These rates are stipulated by the Danish Youth Hostels Association. All age groups are admitted to the hostels. Season: all year. Price: max. US$16 per bed. Prices depend on standard. The price of the hostel card, available from home country's youth hostel organization, must be added to the rate. Failing this, on arrival at US$18 (valid one year) or day cards at US$3.50 (converted to a year pass if six are bought).


Hotels in Denmark are clean and comfortable and there are categories to fit any budget, from the most modest to the most elaborate. At many hotels, breakfast is included in the room rate. Denmark's 25% value-added tax and hotel services charges are also included in the rate. Any travel agent can book a room at most hotels in Copenhagen and other major Danish cities. Ask the Danish Tourist Board for its hotel brochure listing room rates, amenities and booking numbers.

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