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Passport and Visa

Unless staying for longer than three months, North American citizens do not need a visa to enter Denmark, but they must hold a valid passport. For visa applications please contact diplomatic representatives.

Medical Care

Emergency medical care is supplied by municipal authorities, and hotel staff members can direct guests to local emergency centers, hospitals, or dental clinics (or dial 112). Emergency treatment in Danish public hospitals is free. Fees for non-emergency medical services are usually payable in cash, and such services are reasonable by international standards. Travelers taking prescribed medications should bring a supply large enough to last throughout their trip, as some medicines available in North America are not on the market in Denmark. For more information, contact a Danish diplomatic representative.




To call Denmark from North America, dial 011 + 45 + the 8-digit local number. To call North America from Denmark, dial 00 + 1 + the area code and local number. Major North American calling cards can be used in Denmark. For AT&T Direct, dial 8001 0010.

Postal Services

Stamps are available at hotels, newsstands, and of course post offices. Sending a letter or postcard from Denmark to North America costs USD .92 for 20 grams (.175 oz).


Credit Cards

Major credit cards, including American Express, Diners Club, Visa and Mastercard, are honored throughout Denmark at hotels, stores, banks and restaurants depending on card type; they are also good for payment of air tickets and car rentals. Credit cards are widely but not universally recognized for ship and rail passage. The U.S. charge card CIRRUS can be used at all Denmark cash dispensers 6:00 am - 2:00 am all week. Cash dispensers are usually located in bank buildings.

Traveler's Checks

Traveler's checks can be used as payment in department stores, at car rental companies and in shops carrying Royal Copenhagen merchandise in Copenhagen. Change will be paid in Danish kroner. Travelers checks can be exchanged at banks for a minimum fee of US$7 and US$3.50 per check.

Travel Packages

Best Western Euro-Guest Check

The Best Western Euro-Guest Check is accepted at all participating Best Western hotels in Europe. Guest checks are available in two colors - red and yellow; a single room is always one red check, and a double room , one red check and one or more yellow checks; for a triple room, add one more yellow check. One child under the age of 12 stays free when sharing a room with paying adults. All nights may be booked in advance by calling Best Western C.R.O.'s: tel. (800) 528-1234. Season: Year-round. Price: Red check, USD 95; yellow check, USD 20.

The Copenhagen Package

Several of Copenhagen's best hotels offer special rates for a limited number of rooms. The rate deductions are available in three hotel (and price) categories. All rooms have a private bath. Rates are based on a minimum two-night stay. The Copenhagen Package includes the Copenhagen Card. Season: March 21 to April 1, June 20 to August 11, December 12-31, public holidays, and weekends. Price: Group 1, USD 107; Group 2, USD 87; Group 3, USD 75. All hotel s accept single-room supplements: USD 53 per night. Prices include breakfast.

Danish Inn Cheques

Checks are valid at some 85 inns and hotels throughout Denmark. Season: Year-round. Price: Single, USD 70; double, USD 104; triple, USD 118; 4 beds, USD 132. At some hotels and inns, a surcharge of USD 23 is added. Checks cover an overnight stay in a room with a shower and toilet, and prices include breakfast.

Nordic Hotelpass

Offered by Inter Dan Hotel, Inter Nor Hotels, Sweden Hotels, and associated hotels in Finalnd, it is based on a go-as-you-please system, but advanced reservations can be made. Guaranteed reduced rate: 15-50 percent. Season June 20-August 31, and weekends year-round. Price: USD 15.

Scandic Holiday Cheque

The Scandic Holiday Cheque is divided into two periods, one for summer and weekends year-round, the other for weekdays in winter. Season: Year-round. Price: USD 97. The check is good for two adults and two children under age 13 (space permitting) including breakfast. The check supplements required by some hotels may also be used during winter weekdays.

Scandinavian Bonus Cheque

Offered by Inter Dan Hotel, Inter Nor Hotels, and associated hotels in Finland. The system offers one basic check and supplementary checks (required at some hotels). The checks are valid for one room (single or double) and include breakfast. Advanced reservations may be made. Season: June 2 to Sept. 21, and weekends year-round. Price: USD 103; supplement, USD 27.

Access for the Handicapped

The Danish Tourist Board publishes Access in Denmark, a handbook describing restaurants, hotels, campgrounds, hostels, attractions, and public toilets accessible to the physically challenged, as well as accessibility on trains and ferries and at airports; and the Danish Hotel Guide, a booklet designating hotels accessible to handicapped people. Most ships and many ferries that sail into and out of Danish waters offer special cabins and wide elevators for physically challenged passengers. In all its inter-city trains, Danish State Railways now provides space for one wheelchair seat for the user, and another for his or her companion. A wheelchair toilet is located nearby. All Danish regional trains can be also accommodate one wheelchair each. Special lifts and ramps are available to get the chairs into and off the trains.
For general information, contact:

Disabled People's User Service
Kloverprisvej 10 B
DK-2650 Hvidovre
Tel: 36 75 17 93
Fax: 36 75 14 03
Information on approved campgrounds with facilities for the handicapped.

Hesselgade 16
DK-2100 Copenhagen
Tel: 39 27 88 44
Fax: 39 27 89 44

Hostelling International, Denmark:
Vesterbrogade 39
DK-1620 Copenhagen V
Tel: 31 31 36 12
Fax: 31 31 36 26
Information on hostels with facilities for the handicapped.

Equipment Rentals
Aids, including wheelchairs, may be rented from:

Sahva Center
Esplanden 30
DK-1263 Copenhagen K
Tel: 33 11 34 36

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