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Bus Travel

Buses in Denmark link smaller towns, where rail and air service are not provided, to population centers where public transportation is readily available. In recent years, long-distance bus routes have been established between Frederickshavn and Esbjerg, both in Jutland, between Copenhagen and Aalborg, Copenhagen and Hanstholm, Copenhagen and Ârhus, Høje Taastrup and Århus, Odense and Nykøbing Falster and several others. The connections listed below are only samples of what is available and can be booked through:

  • Eurolines
    John F. Kennedy Plads 1
    DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
    Tel.: 99 34 44 44; Fax: 99 34 44 65.

Europe-Denmark Bus Connections
Denmark - (D), Belgium - (B), Germany - (G), Great Britain - (GB)
The Netherlands - (NL), France - (F)

Route Duration

Amsterdam (NL) - Copenhagen (D)

12-14 hrs.

Brussels (B) - Copenhagen (D)

12-15 hrs.

Hamburg (G) - Copenhagen (D)

6 hrs.

London (GB) - Copenhagen (D)

20-26 hrs.

Paris (F) - Copenhagen (D)

16-17 hrs.

Scandavia-Denmark Bus Connections
Denmark - (D), Norway - (N), Sweden - (S)

Route Duration

Gothenburg (S) - Copenhagen (D)

4 1/2 hrs.

Linköping (S) - Copenhagen (D)

7 hrs.

Norrköping (S) - Copenhagen (D)

7 hrs.

Oslo (N) - Copenhagen (D)

10 hrs.

Stockholm (S) - Copenhagen (D)

10 hrs.

Bus Discount Programs

Eurolines offers a 30 or 60 day bus pass connecting Copenhagen with London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Milan, Florence, Rome and Prague.

Youth Pass is good for travelers under 26 years of age. Senior Citizen Pass in good for travelers over 60 years of age.

For bookings contact:

  • Eurolines
    John F. Kennedys Plads 1
    DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark
    Tel.: 99 34 44 44
    Fax: 99 34 44 65


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