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While it is not always easy to get to Bonaire, it is well worth the effort. North Americans can fly direct non-stop on most weekends from the gateways of Houston, Newark (at times), Atlanta and Miami. There are feeder flights to these gateways from many local and regional airports.

Also you can arrange direct flights to Aruba and Curaçao with connections to Bonaire using DAE, Insel Air, Tiara, Divi or Easy Air. Be sure to keep an eye out for specials even in high season.

Europe is served almost exclusively by KLM although Curaçao welcomes other international carriers which can connect with local service. Arkefly is the only other European carrier to land on our island.

Air Berlin has recently inaugurated service to Curaçao with connections to Bonaire.


From North America

From Atlanta:
Delta Airlines flies a weekly flight on Saturday to Bonaire and back.

From Houston:
United Airlines flies a weekly non-stop flight from Houston. During peak demand periods, United offers a second flight on Saturday evenings, arriving on Bonaire Sunday mornings.

From Miami:
Insel Air operates a weekly Saturday flight from Miami to Bonaire.

Please note that U.S. carriers may postpone or cancel flights during periods of low demand. It is always recommended to contact the airline or your travel professional to check on flight departures.


Connecting from North America via Curacao:

From Miami:
American Airlines, Insel Air, and DAE fly non-stop daily to Curaçao from Miami;

From Charlotte, NC
Insel Air flies on Saturdays and seasonally on Wednesdays non-stop to Curaçao with continuing connections to Bonaire.

Divi Divi has eight flights daily between Curaçao and Bonaire

Insel Air flies between Curaçao and Bonaire seven times daily and offers a weekend jet service on Friday nights, Saturday mornings and Sunday afternoons to accommodate more passengers and luggage; Dutch Antilles Express (DAE) and Tiara Air each offer daily flights; Easy Air offers five round-trip flights per day between Curaçao and Bonaire.

Another routing option is to fly on any of a number of major U.S. and South American carriers to Aruba and then take Insel Air (with a stop in Curaçao) or Tiara Air (non-stop) from there to Bonaire.

Insel Air's They fly several times daily to Bonaire from both Curaçao and Aruba. Tiara Air flies non-stop flights six times each week from Aruba to Bonaire and back.


From Europe:

KLM provides daily service to Bonaire between late March and October with routing from Amsterdam to Bonaire via either Aruba or Curaçao and a returning non-stop flight from Bonaire to Amsterdam. Check their web site for additional details.

Arkefly will provide service on Thursdays and Saturdays between Amsterdam and Bonaire. Check their web site for routing information and additional details.

AirBerlin has service from Dusseldorf to Curaçao. AirBerlin is the only German airline to offer non-stop flights on the route.

See data above for information on connecting flights from Curaçao to Bonaire.


From South America:

Insel Air, Dutch Antilles Express (DAE), and Bon Air (phone: 717-5678) offer service to a variety of South American cities via connections. Additionally, there are many South American national carriers offering service to either Aruba or Curacao, where travelers can pick up connections to Bonaire via local carriers.


Approximate flight times:

New York - 5 hours
Atlanta - 3 1/2 hours
Miami - 2 1/2 hours
Curacao - 15 minutes
Aruba - 30 minutes
Caracas - 30 minutes
Amsterdam - 9 hours

All flights arrive at Flamingo International Airport, only a five-minute drive from Kralendijk

Insel Air

United Airlines
offer flight from Newark and Houston to Bonaire

offer flights from Amsterdam, Lima and Quito to Bonaire

Arke Fly
offers flights from Amsterdam to Bonaire

Dutch Antilles Express
offers flights from Aruba and Curaçao to Bonaire

Divi Divi Air
offers flights from Curaçao to Bonaire.

Delta Air Lines
offer flights to Aruba and Curaçao. The connection to Bonaire is with Dutch Antilles Express.

Tiara Air

Easy Air
Easy Air offers five round-trip flights per day between Curaçao and Bonaire. They can be reached via email at flyeasyair@gmail.com, or by phone locally at 796-3939 or cellular 515-3939, fax is 869-3999.


Traveling Around Bonaire:

Bonaire Car RentalUS, Canadian, and European driver licenses with photos are valid for use on the island. Be careful of the goats, donkeys and pedestrians that roam the island's roads. All traffic keeps to the right, and international highway signs are used. Speed limit is 40 km per hour (25 mph) in town and 60 km to 80 km per hour (38-50 mph) in the countryside.


Car Rentals:

Renting a car is the best way to enjoy Bonaire. It is highly recommended, especially during holiday periods to have a reservation so that you will be assured your choice of vehicle will be available. US, Canadian and European driver licenses are valid for use on the island. All traffic keeps to the right, and international highway signs are used. Speed limit is 40 km per hour (25 mph) in town and 60 km to 80 km per hour (38-50 mph) in the countryside.

While requirements may vary, renters must be at least 21 and in many cases 25. A valid credit card is required for deposit. Most companies also have a fee for additional drivers. Standard shift (stick) is generally the norm. Automatics are limited and generally must be requested at time of booking. The majority of the companies are located at the airport or directly across the street. Other off premises concerns provide airport or hotel pickup and delivery.

Use the phone numbers below if calling from Bonaire. If calling internationally, use +( 599) and the number below.

AB Carrental
717-8980 / fax 717-3880
Island Rentals
717-2100 / fax 717-8745
AVIS Car Rental
717-5795 / fax 717-5793
Rento Fun Drive
717 2408, 717 7166, 786 2131 / fax 717 3708
Bencho Car Rental
717-7185 / fax 717-5312
Samara's Carrental
717-8188, 560-7688, 560-3025
Bonaire Rent a Car
786 6090
Telerin Car Rental
Budget Car Rental
717-4700 / fax 717-3325
Top Drive Car Rental
717-2222 / fax 717-2221
Caribe Rent a Car
717-6711 /fax 717-6721
Total Carrental Bonaire
717-7424, 717-8313 / fax 717-7372
Chrystal Rent a Car
Toyota Bonaire
717-8667 / fax 717-5034
Everts Car Rental
717-8099 / fax 717-8719
Tropical Holland Car Rental
717-7830 / fax 717-7820
Fox Car Rental
786-8980 / fax 717-3880
Voyager Events Car Rental
Hertz Car Rental
717-7221 / fax 717-6021


Biking on BonaireBicycles and Motorbikes:

Bike Rental Delivery:
786-1166 or 786-2329

Cycle Bonaire, Kaya Gobernador N. Debrot # 77A, Kralendijk


Bonaire Taxi

Central Dispatcher, Phone: 8100

Fares are fixed, but agree to a fare beforehand. Rates increase:

50% between midnight and 6:00am
20% extra for each additional passenger exceeding 4
US$1.00 extra on Sundays and official holidays
US$5.00 extra for every 15 minutes waiting

Fare from Flamingo Airport to Harbour Village, Sunset Beach, Sand Dollar Condominium, Den Laman Condominiums, Buddy Dive Resort or Captain Don's Habitat is US$13.00. Fare to Lac Bay Resort and Sorobon Beach Resort is US$20.00.


Tour Buses:

Achi Tours & Transport N.V.
Kaya Nikiboko Noord 33
Tel: +599 717-8630
Fax: +599 717-4430
(only large groups of more than 30)

Ayubi's Tours and Taxi Services
Kaminda Lagun 251
Tel: +5999 520-0707
Tel: +5999 512-0707

Bonaire Crystal Tours
Kaya Nikiboko Zuid 42b
Tel: +599 717 2970
Cell: +599 796 2002

Bonaire Tours & Vacations
Harbour Village Marina 7
Tel: +599 717 8778
Fax +599 717 4890

Bon Tuk
J.A. Abraham Boulevard 26D
Kralendijk Bonaire CN
Tel: +599 700-8745



See cruise ship schedule 2012/2013 (pdf)

Windjammer Cruises

Silversea Cruises

Holland America Line

Hapag Lloyd Cruises

Princess Cruises

Crystal Cruises



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