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How to Choose Accommodations on Bonaire

1. Consider the price range in which you would be most comfortable.  The accommodations listed here are basically divided into 3 categories:

Premium $$$- rooms are generally over US$150 per night during high season
Moderate $$ - rooms are roughly between US$75 -150 per night
Budget $ - rooms are usually US$75 and below.

2. Almost all of the accommodations on Bonaire are near Kralendijk, and range from kunukus (interior ranches) to luxury beachfront hotels and condominiums.  There are a wealth of options available including B&B's, apartment rentals and  eco-lodges.

More ways of exploring where to stay:

Sustainable/Green Eco
Hotels, Inns or Lodges where ecological sustainability is incorporated into their design and philosophy

City Hotels
Located in Kralendijk where all amenities (restaurants, shopping) are close by but not necessarily on property. Walk anywhere.

Best Hotels for Groups
Hotels that have the capacity to handle larger groups or clubs.

Best Hotels for Couples
Romantic, comfortable and quiet

Best Hotels for Families
Family friendly hotels in Bonaire

Most Secluded Hotels
Hotels away from the beaten path

Resort Hotels
Everything available in one compound.

Hotels situated on the ocean or across from the ocean with access to the waterfront.

Diving Hotels
Offer special diving packages, or walk-out access to diving

Unusual Hotels
Experiences out of the ordinary.

3. Take stock of how you plan to spend your time on island, and choose appropriately. Many accommodations have arranged special diving packages with island outfitters.

4. Look at a property's personal website - We have provided links for you to explore. Check the amenities and look carefully at the images and descriptions provided to ascertain whether the property meets your requirements. If an email address is provided, please feel free to ask specific questions in order to make a decision. 

5. Check the internet for customer reviews and comments.  Use your own judgement.

6. Check prices for the best deals.  Many hotels offer specials.

Premium | Moderate | Budget

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