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Bonaire as with almost any destination struggles to find the appropriate balance between development, conservation, economics and tradition.  STINAPA has an excellent collection of web videos that ostensibly are about the conch restoration project but also outline several specific societal challenges from the perspective of those directly affected by future decisions.

BonaireTalk also has many threads outlining changes to the environment and the growing concerns of all involved. 

Several organizations are dedicated to helping preserve the rich diversity that Bonaire offers:

Besides managing Washington Slagbaai National Park, and the Bonaire National Marine Park STINAPA is engaged in reforestation efforts to help combat the deleterious effects of non-indigenous goats and donkeys.

Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire
Bonaire is home to three of the world's six most endangered species of marine turtles:  the hawksbill, the green and the loggerhead turtle.  STCB is a non-governmental research and conservation organization dedicated to sea turtle preservation and education.

Echo is dedicated to the protection of the Lora parrott or Amazona barbadensis on Bonaire.
Echo conducts research to understand the ecological and human factors that threaten these rare birds and develops programs to advance local awareness and attitudes toward conservation and habitat preservation.




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