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Best of Bonaire: Picnic Spots


  Sorobon Beach
Sorobon Beach

Perfect for the whole family.

- sunbathing
- calm waters
- safe for kids
- great for snorkeling
- food and services available
- watch the windsurfer at Lac

Located on the southeast coast around 8km from Kralendijk.

  Boca Slagbaai
Boca Slagbaai

Former old harbour with historic building dating from 1868. Part of Washington Slagbaai National Park (entrance fee to park).

- for the whole family
- rough beach, great for exploring
- bring your own food and drinks or
- have lunch at the small local restaurant (open daily from 11 to 4)

  No Name Beach
Klein Bonaire

A beautiful sandy beach accessible only by water taxi for US$20 on Klein Bonaire. A perfect spot for spending an afternoon.

- bring your own food and water
- outstanding diving and snorkeling

Please be careful not to disturb the turtle nesting grounds and bring plenty of sunscreen.

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Best of Bonaire



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