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Penang Bird Park
The Penang Bird Park occupies a generous landscaped site in Seberang Jaya. Within its beautifully-designed aviaries are over four hundred species of birds from all over the world. Man-made islands with cascades, gardens, and ornamental plants abound. The park also contains a wide variety of orchids and hibiscus plants. Entrance Fee: Adults: RM4.00, Children: RM2 00 Open: 10am-6pm (Daily)

Orchid and Hibiscus Garden
This intimate park at Bukit Jambul includes the Orchid and Hibiscus Garden and a Reptile Farm. Attractions include an ornamental Japanese pond, a cacti garden, a pottery corner, a deer park, and cascades.

Bukit Mertajam Recreational Park
Located approximately 18 km from Butterworth ferry terminal, this park covers a wide area of hilly terrain that ascends several hundred meters above sea level. Its cool hill air encourages a profusion of ferns, ephiphytes and wild flowers, as well as exotic butterflies, birds and insects. For the adventurous, there are numerous jungle tracks leading to the heart of the forest.

ButterflyPenang Butterfly Farm
Located at Teluk Bahang, the Butterfly Farm has hundreds of species of butterflies and insects amidst landscaped tropical gardens. Opens daily from 9am to 5pm Entrance Fee: RM4

Botanical Garden
The Botanical Gardens offer peace and tranquility amidst lush green surroundings, tropical plants, and the vibrant colors of Penang's flora. The 30-hectare garden also features a waterfall. Created in 1884 by the British, it was meant as a tribute to Charles Curtis, the garden's first superintendent. Curtis collected botanical specimens from the surrounding hills--specimens which have since become significant samples in the world's major herbaria. The gardens are also well-known for their bold Rhesus monkeys. Admission: Free. Opening Hours: 7.00 am - 7.00pm.

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