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As the major city of North Jutland, Aalborg is not to be missed. There are lots of fascinating experiences awaiting the visitor of the green city on the shores of the Limfjord. Sited close to such beautiful spots as the North Sea coast, the hills of Rebild and the forest of Rold, this city has received the title of the tidiest city in Europe.

It was the Vikings who founded Aalborg and, in return, the city has taken good care of the heritage left by the Vikings and others of our forebears. At the ancient burial site on Lindholm Høje, there is the Viking Museum. The art and culture of North Jutland can also be experienced in the other museums of the city.

The keen shopper will find everything from department stores to small specialty shops. And the pedestrian-only streets are well worth exploring.


It's not just the shops that provide an attraction, there are also the street entertainers. Neither will children be bored in this city. In the summer, they and their parents will find fun and interest in Tivoliland and the Aalborg Zoo. While in the winter there is Waterland Aalborg with its neartropical temperature.

With more then 300 restaurants in the city, there is food and drink to satisfy all tastes - and afterwards there is a wide choice of possibilities. The city's theatres present performances all year round and the Aalborg Congress and Culture Centre has everything from ballet and opera to concerts, musicals and shows with international performers.

In the well known and much loved street known as Jomfru Ane Gade, the celebrations continue until dawn. With its dance floors, cafes, pubs and bars at every turn, this is a 'mecca' for all nightclubers. Aalborg is a city with many secrets.


MOESGAARD PREHISORIC MUSEUM ÅRHUS. Items displayed from Danish prehistory till the end of the Viking Age. On view is also "The Grauballe Man" a bog find of a very well-preserved corpse from the first century B.C.

THE OLD TOWN IN ÅRHUS. An open-air museum featuring more than 70 well-preserved urban buildings moved to this site brick by brick. The townscape is one of an old Danish market town with a genuine atmosphere. A baker and grocer sell yesterday's wares, and there are several other activities going on during high season.

EBELTOFT. A fine example of yesterday's small Danish town. Ebeltoft has a splendid Glass Museum with modern displays by some of the world's finest glass artists, and tourists can visit the interesting old frigate "Jylland".

HIMMELBJERGET (SKY MOUNTAIN). With a height of just 482 ft., this name might seem a bit pretentious, but the quality of its site and the surrounding scenery make the Sky Mountain a wonderful place to visit. Climbing it is easy, the view from the top is marvelous, and ploughing the waves of the Silkeborg Lakes below is a charming paddle steamer called "Hjejlen".

SKAGEN, also called The Skaw, is the northernmost point of Jutland, a charming fishermen's town characterized by a special architecture of yellow houses topped by red roofs with white edges. The landscape is marvelous with Raabjerg Mile, a huge migrating sand "desert" to the south, and in the north the major attraction, the meeting of the two seas, Kattegat and Skagerrak. A tractor-drawn bus takes visitors to this splendid sight.

RIBE. This medieval town claims to be the oldest in Denmark. Its center is dominated by Ribe Cathedral, built 1150-75, and noted for the oldest epitaph in Scandinavian and for the modern paintings and glass mosaics created by Denmark artist Carl Henning Pedersen. Ribe is located in a very flat landscape; nearby is the island of Mandø in the marshes, which is reached by a tractor bus along the "ebb road" at low ride.

LEGOLAND PARK, BILLUND. 42 million Lego bricks were used to create townscapes and landscapes from the whole world, including the Mount Rushmore Memorial. Legoland is also an amusement park for children of all ages, and its Doll Museum and Titania's Palace attract doll lovers from all corners of the world .

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