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Battery ProgramBattery Program

More than 100,000 used batteries from visitors go into Bonaire's landfill each year. That is more than 6,000 pounds (2730 kg) of heavy metals and toxins - too much for an island as small as Bonaire to safely handle.

Corroding batteries leak these toxic chemicals into the soil, ground and, ultimately, the sea.

That is why we ask all visitors to please take your used batteries home with you for recycling or toxic waste disposal.

We hope you enjoy your visit. And when you pack up your memories to go home, please pack your batteries too.

Masha danki!

The Bonaire Nature Alliance
Tene Boneiru Limpi
(Keep Bonaire Clean)
BONHATA (Bonaire Hotel and Tourism Association)
CURO (Council of Underwater Resort Operators)
Amigu di Tera (Friends of the Earth)
Foundation to save Klein Bonaire
Tourism Corporation Bonaire





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