Founded in the early 1600s to secure access to the Atlantic, Gothenburg was planned and settled by Dutch immigrants. The many canals in this region are testament to the vision and ambitions of its early settlers. Gothenburg is still Sweden's major port, and it offers everything you would expect to find in a large city: cultural events, historic sights, shopping and amusement.

Well known as an event city, Gothenburg has hosted such highlights as the World Championships in Athletics in 1995 and the Three Tenors Opera in 1996. Its newly-completed Opera House is an outstanding architectural and acoustic creation. The city's famous main street, the Avenyn, is loaded with restaurants, entertainment, cultural centers, and hotels in a charming, park-like atmosphere.The people of the West Coast love the sea, and the shores are blessed with the celebrated Marstrand, a line of soft and flat cliffs which are great for sunbathing.

Many fishing villages, such as Smögen and Grebbestad, have become very popular summer resorts, offering picturesque surrounds, plenty of fresh seafood, and havens for visiting sailboats.

Major Attractions:

Göta Canal & Cruises
Göta Canal, built more than 160 years ago as a trade route between Stockholm and Gothenburg, stretches over 350 miles of narrow, tree-lined channels and passes through more than 60 locks en route. This picturesque passage, which offers glimpses of Sweden's beautiful inland lakes of Vättern and Vänern, is made aboard one of several famous turn-of-the-century Göta Canal steamers. Onboard accommodations are cozy and comfortable; the food and hospitality are outstanding.

A typical one-way canal cruise is four days, however, the six-day journey--with overnight stops and longer sightseeing visits at manor houses, churches, castles, and even a golf course or two--is what most travelers consider ideal. For those with less time, new two-day cruises are being introduced in 1997.

This is Sweden's premier amusement park. It is known for its rides, performers, and magnificent floral displays.

Feskekörka (The Fish Market)
The colorful Gothenburg fish market is a mecca for devotees of seafood. There is a fine restaurant on the premises.

Here you will find excellent displays of traditional Swedish handicrafts. The centre occupies artisan houses that date back to the 18th century.

Sweden's largest shopping center.

Nya Elfsborgs Fästning
This dramatic fortress, constructed in 1670, stands atop an island at the entrance of the Gothenburg harbour.

Läckö Castle
Widely held to be among the most beautiful of Sweden's castles, Läckö is situated on a peninsula stretching out into Lake Vänern. The castle is only one of the many historic sites around these lakes. The best mode of touring their waters is on one of the daily boat cruises.

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