During WWII, the island of the Labuan saw a significant amount of action. Two large shipwrecks in the surrounding waters bear testimony to the battles that were fought here, and their presence, along with a perfectly intact Malaysian vessel that sank in the 1980's, makes Labuan one of the best wreck-diving locales in Malaysia.  The American Wreck lies southwest of the island at a depth of about 33 meters. It was a patrol-vessel believed to have been torpedoed by a Japanese submarine, and over 100 men went down with the ship. Close to the American Wreck is the Australian Wreck, which is actually a Dutch ship that was suck by Australian planes after the Japanese captured it. Last but not least is the colorful Tung Huah, called the "Cement Wreck" because it was carrying tons of this material when it which sank in the late '80's. 

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