In 1978, The World Wildlife Fund rated Sipadan as one of the world's best coral areas. Before that, Sipadan was already well-known to Jacques Cousteau, who fell in love with the area so much that he decided to let the Calypso's anchor lay there longer than it had on any other expedition. Because of its small size, remoteness, and the absence of non-diving activities, the island is practically untouched. 

The island of Sipadan lies in the Sulu Sea, and it is accessible by boat from the town of Semporna. The island is really the peak of a massive submarine mountain. Coupled with an astounding variety of fish and corals, the marine topography of the area makes it an astonishing place to dive. There are caves, walls, canyons, plateaus, and overhangs. Sea turtles are so abundant that it is more common to see them than not, and also inhabiting the area is one of the largest schools of resident barracuda in the world.

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