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The Port Authority Group of Companies is comprised of the Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO) and various utility companies. Sir Jack Hayward is Chairman of The Grand Bahama Development Company, Mr. Edward St. George is Co-Chairman of the Grand Bahama  Port Authority, and Sir Albert Miller is President and Co-Chairman of the Port Authority.  Since 1996, Hutchison Whampoa, a Hong Kong conglomerate, acquired an interest in several Port Group companies including the Grand Bahama International Airport, Lucayan Harbour and the Grand Bahama Development Company.  Hutchison, through a subsidiary company, is also involved in creating the Our Lucaya Resort.

For more information contact:

P.O. Box F-42666
Grand Bahama Island
The Bahamas
Tel: 242-352-6711
Fax: 242-352-9864


Persons wishing to engage in business within the Freeport/Lucaya area must receive a business license. An application form can be obtained from:

Mr. Barry Malcolm
Grand Bahama Port Authority
Licensing Department
P.O. Box F-42666
Freeport, Grand Bahama
Tel: 242- 352-6711
ext: 2210 & 2215
Fax: 242-352-4568

Sir Albert Miller, Sir Jack Hayward & Mr. Edward St. GeorgeFreeport/Lucaya was established in August 1955, following enactment of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement granting the Grand Bahama Port Authority Limited (GBPA) the exclusive right to develop some 150,000 acres of land located in the centre of the island for commercial and residential use. In return, the GBPA agreed to dredge a deep water harbour, construct an airport, hospitals, and schools. As an added incentive, the Bahamas Government granted the GBPA responsibility for administration of the 230 square-mile free trade zone Port area, which includes the right to issue business licenses, own and operate casinos and establish tourism. A master plan of the Port Area was drawn up allocating specific zones for industrial, residential, tourism and institutional use, all of which is adhered to today.

The Hawksbill Creek Agreement guaranteed freedom from taxes until 2015 and from excise taxes, stamp duties and most customs duties until 2054. 

Created in 1960, the Grand Bahama Development Company (DEVCO), a wholly-owned subsidiary, continues to develop and maintain the residential and resort areas principally located in the Lucaya area. Other GBPA subsidiary companies were formed and continue to administer the deep water harbour (Freeport Harbour Company), the international airport (Grand Bahama Airport Company), the power generation facility for the entire island (Grand Bahama"> Power Company), the water pumping and distribution facilities (Grand Bahama Utility Company), and the maintenance of roads and common areas (Lucaya Service Company).

The GBPA, DEVCO and the various utility companies collectively are known as the Grand Bahama Port Authority Group of Companies. Hutchison Port Holdings Ltd., a subsidiary of Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., joint-owners and operators of the Lucayan Harbour, have made substantial investments in real estate within the Freeport/Lucaya area. This investment includes substantial equity in DEVCO.

Freeport/Lucaya today boasts a modern road system throughout the entire area and canal systems through many of the primary residential subdivisions located along the southern shores. Telephone, power, water and cable television are available in all developed subdivisions. 

With an extremely stable economic and political climate in The Islands of The Bahamas, excellent communication facilities via undersea cable to the US, microwave and satellite dish antennas, good transportation facilities, US Immigration and Customs pre-clearance facilities, close proximity to the US mainland, excellent banks with very strict non-disclosure laws, Freeport offers unparalleled advantages to the business investor. Advantages, when combined with the ability to conduct business on a warm tropical Caribbean island makes Freeport/Lucaya unique in the world today.

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