Practical Turkey

Where To Stay

Accommodations range from quaint pensions to luxurious five-star hotels and resorts, many of which have restaurants, fitness centers and business facilities. Lodgings in all price categories must adhere to regulations and standards set forth by the Ministry of Tourism.


Arriving & Departing: There is daily nonstop service to Istanbul from the U.S., and air service from most European capitals. Taxi fare from Ataturk Airport to Istanbul is about $20. There is daily rail service from Paris, Venice, Munich, Vienna and Athens.

Many international cruise lines call at Istanbul and other ports along the Aegean.

Turkish Maritime Lines operates modern, comfortable ferries from Venice, Italy, to Izmir and offers car-ferry service every 15 days from Venice to Antalya and Istanbul. There is ferry service between Turkish ports and Greek islands.

Getting Around: Walking is the best way to explore the old section of Istanbul. Taxis are inexpensive. Ankara recently opened Turkey's first subway.

The Balkan Flexipass is good on the state railway. See by rail. Inter-city buses run through-out the country.


New Year’s Day, Ramazan Bayrami (Feb. 911), National Independence and Children’s Day (April 23), Kurban Bayrami (April 1821), Turkish Republic Day (Oct. 29).

Money Matters

Banks are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to noon and from 1:30 to 4 p.m. The monetary unit is the Turkish lira. $1 = 101,565 TRL as of Dec. 2, 1996.

Free Literature

  • GENERAL TURKEY: Regional brochures, including attractions and maps. Special interest brochures on youth travel, spas, yachting, cuisine and mountaineering.
  • ISTANBUL: City sights, hotels, restaurants, shopping, entertainment, transportation. Brochures are also available on other cities.

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