Practical Info



Hagia Sophia, Istanbul. The greatest example of Byzantine architecture, the 6th-century basilica is famous for its magnificent dome and mosaics. It has served as a cathedral and a mosque. Today it is a museum.

Topkapi Palace Museum, Istanbul. The sultans' vast complex includes the Chamber of the Sacred Mantle, harem quarters, crown jewels, thrones and other treasures.

Mosque of Süleiman the Magnificent, begun in 1550 by Sinan, most renowned of Ottoman architects.

Anatolian Civilization Museum, Ankara. Artifacts dating to 7000 B.C.

Archaeology Museum of Ephesus, Selçuk (near Izmir). An important collection of Hellenistic and Roman artifacts, including the noted statue of Artemis.

Something Special

Yachting along the Bosporus strait, visitors enjoy shimmering emerald waters as well as views of several historical and cultural attractions, including ornate wooden and marble palaces, such as the Beylerbeyi Palace, the lavish 19th-century summer residence of the sultans.

The Kaçkar mountains in the north and the Taurus mountains in southern Anatolia offer variety- from flat terrain to steep hikes. Trekking Mount Ararat, far to the east, is the ultimate climbing challenge.