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Useful Facts

weather.gif (1472 bytes)Weather
Venezuela has a subtropical climate. The average temperature is 27C, except in the Andean Zone, where temperatures can drop to zero degrees Celsius at the highest altitudes. Throughout the rest of the country temperatures vary little, between a minimum of 22C to a maximum of 32C. Caracas has an average temperature of 24C.

There are no four seasons here, only the Wet Season and the Dry Season. The Wet Season lasts from May to November, the Dry from December to April. Daily rains come fast and hard, then dissipate quickly. Venezuela has an average about 340 days of sunshine a year.

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Air:  International and domestic flights arrive at Simon Bolivar National Terminal, about 20 minutes from Caracas. Major carriers servicing the airport are: Aerolineas Argentinas, Aeroperu, Air Aruba, Air France, Alitalia, ALM, American Airlines, Avianca, British Airways, Iberia, KLM, Lan Chile, Lloyd Aero Boliviano, Saeta, TAP, United, Varig, Delta, Continental, Avensa, Servivensa, and Aeropostal.

Subway:  Caracas has an excellent subway system which runs from 5:30am to 11pm every day of the year. It has 3 main lines that cross the city and a bus service that complements it.

Taxi: Taxis are available throughout Caracas, but you should check the going rate and negotiate with drivers. Venezuela cabs are currently undergoing regulatory changes and meters will soon be mandatory.

cadeuc4.gif (287 bytes)Medical Facilities
In the case of an emergency, it is best to avoid the public hospitals, as they have fewer resources and often lack necessary equipment. It is important to carry a credit card, cash, or checks to facilitate admission into the private hospitals and clinics. Pharmacies are open during the day, and during the evenings and public holidays look for ones that say "Turno."

Beaches are public, but be sure to ask whether or not the waters are safe to swim in as some areas are contaminated. Light, casual clothing is suggested. On rare occasions, the evenings can be chilly, so bring along a light jacket. It is also a good idea to carry a photocopy of your documents and leave the originals in a safety deposit box back at the hotel.


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