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The Teresa Carreno Center for the Performing Arts
An architectural wonder in itself, the Teresa Carreno Center for the Performing Arts is a huge complex designed to provide the ultimate venue for every kind of performance. It was originally intended as a permanent home for the Venezuelan Symphony Orchestra, but the idea evolved into a home for everything: Children's Museum Caracasopera, symphonic music, theater, pop music, ballet, and modern dance. It was designed by a triad of accomplished architects who won a contest: Tomas Lugo, Dietrich Kunckel, and Jesus Sandoval.

Children's Museum
Originally conceived of as a giant classroom where children could get a hands-on experience of the wonders of the natural and man-made worlds, the Children's Museum exceeded the dreams of its creators. The museum became so popular that it quickly exceeded the goal it set when it opened in 1982 - a million visitors a year. Its success is largely due to a dedicated staff and colorful, touchable exhibits that capture the imagination of both kids and adults. The exhibits artfully and cleverly reveal the mysteries of physics, biology, communications, ecology, and the unique geography of Venezuela itself.

Sofia Imber Contemporary  Art MuseumThe Sofia Imber Contemporary Art Museum
The Sofia Imber opened in 1974 and holds Venezuela's largest collection of modern art.   It is easily a world-class museum, featuring the works of over a hundred national and internationally-known artists, in every medium and scale. It has five levels and over 16,000 square meters of display space, as well as a wonderfully endowed sculpture garden.

Natural Sciences Museum
Caracas' Natural Sciences Museum is one of the best in South America. Since its inauguration in 1871, the museum as amassed a formidable collection of specimens and artifacts from not only Venezuela and South America, but from all over the world.

baby02.jpg (14723 bytes)El Avila National Park
To see El Avila National Park, one need only stand in an open space in Caracas and look to the North. The towering and verdant slopes are part of the park, which has hundreds of well-kept trails and spectacular views of both Caracas and the coast.

Other attractions:
La Rinconada - the race track
Sambil Shopping Center
Paseo Las Mercedes - a major strip for nightlife
La Francia - the gold trader's district


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