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In terms of ease and affordability, there are few modes of transportation that match the bus. Sweden's buses are quiet, comfortable, large cruisers that sweep along between smaller towns where rail and air service are not provided. They also offer an excellent alternative between larger cities, and many European capitals have bus routes into Sweden.

Local and regional bus companies in the various counties handle the service in cooperation with nationwide bus companies. The traffic crosses county boundaries. Bus tickets, as an extension to the Swedish railway network, can be purchased in conjunction with train tickets directly from the Swedish State Railways. Express buses between various locations in Sweden are an excellent alternative to train and plane, even without discounts. Tickets can be bought right on the bus and, should it fill up, additional buses will be put in service.

Express buses offer children a 50 percent discount at all times, and seniors get the same bargain Mon-Thur, and Sat (except public holidays). Both youths between 17 and 21 and students get 30 percent off. Bicycles are not accepted.

For more information, contact:

Swebus Express in Stockholm at the toll free phone number (in Sweden only) 020-64 06 40 (they do not service northern Sweden), or visit their website linked to their name only available in Swedish.

Bus Stop, City Terminal, Klarabergviadukten 72, S-111 64 Stockholm, Sweden Ph: 011-46-8-440-8570 Fax: 011-46-8-440-8577 (They reserve bus tickets for all routes in Sweden originating from Stockholm).

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