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There is no end of exciting things to do and see during your visit to Sweden -- at any time of year. Because winter, temperatures are typically warmer than they are in many U.S. cities, Sweden is an ideal place to experience the season's traditional activities without the climactic extremes found elsewhere. For many, simply taking in the vibrant cultural life of Stockholm and it's surrounds is more than enough. For others, the entire country, in all its natural beauty, its local color, and its pristine grandeur, holds an attraction that cannot be ignored. There are a number of ways to explore and to experience this larger Sweden - here are just a few of them: In the rugged expanses of the Swedish north is found Europe's last remaining wilderness region, an area of stunning vistas and crisp clean air that is sheer heaven for trekking, whitewater rafting, ice climbing, alpine and cross-country skiing, and much more. The Allemansratten, or the Right of Public Access, insures that all the land is accessible provided that you respect nature and other people's privacy. Sweden is filled with great biking and riding trails, including most notable the 1,597 mile-long Sweden Trail.

The further north and northwest, the more mountainous; the further south you go, the flatter it gets (with a few exceptions). Mountain biking or easy biking, it's your choice; but we can guarantee it will be scenic.

Boating is so popular in Sweden that it is less a recreational activity than a fundamental part of life. The reason why is simple--surrounded by waters from the 24,000 islands of the Stockholm Archipelago and the placid grace of the Göta Canal (not to mention its 100,000 lakes and innumerable streams and rivers) andthe stunning open-sea coastline around Gothenburg and the west coast, Sweden is one of the finest boating destinations imaginable. Sweden's waters are pure and clear, and its fishing is astounding. Pike, perch, zander, beam, rainbow trout, grayling, char, brown trout, sea trout, and salmon abound, and those are only the freshwater options.

Sweden has in recent years become one of the most passionate golfing countries in the world. golfOver three hundred courses now dot the countryside, including Björkliden, the northernmost golf course on the planet. In the land of the Midnight Sun, you can tee off any time you like.

Tennis has long been a sport in which Swedes have excelled, and opportunities to play and to watch outstanding tennis abound here. Devotees of the sport should make a stop at Båstad, the mecca of Swedish tennis.

Stretching along the northwestern border of Sweden is a string of breathtaking mountains, many of which offer exceptional alpine skiing conditions. There are venues here for all tastes and skill levels, from the intimate warmth of the small resorts around Sälen to the grand snowboarding competititon held each year at Riksgränsen, 200 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. Midnight sun skiing is also available mid-May through mid-June.

In 1897, an intrepid explorer by the name of Salomon Auguste André set off in a hot air balloon from the small Swedish town of Gränna in an attempt to reach the North Pole. André never made it, but Gränna has been a capital of hot air ballooning ever since, and the spectacular views offered from a balloon have made it a popular pastime here. In fact, touring by balloon has become one of the very best ways to discover Stockholm itself, as long as the weather allows.


There are an endless amount of tours in Sweden; so many that you can design almost any kind of visit imaginable. The three major cities in Sweden - Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö all have City Tours, which introduce visitors to the sights, history, cuisine, and nuances of the cities and their outlying areas. Road trip options are also easily available through both Drive-Yourself and Chauffeured Tours. Those interested in tracing their roots can partake in a Homecoming Heritage Tour, which assists visitors in the task of tracing roots and tracking down relations. If you wish to base your tour on a special interest or activity, such as art or ice-climbing, there are hundreds of private tour operators. The physically challenged can also find tours designed for their special needs. To get a better idea of what specific options you have, consult your local travel agent or the Danish and Swedish Tourist Board Office.

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