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The Kremlin

Cathedral Square

If one thinks of Russia as a traditional matryoska doll, with Moscow contained within the country and the Kremlin similarly nested inside Moscow, then Cathedral Square is the final solid figure contained within the Kremlin. Laid out as the city's first great public space during the ascension of Muscovite power in the early 14th century, Cathedral Square was for centuries the symbolic heart of Tsarist rule. The square is centered on the impressive Cathedral of the Assumption, built in the 1470s by Ivan the Great as the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. Until Peter the Great moved his capital from Moscow to St. Petersburg in 1710, Cathedral Square was the focal point of political power in the country--coronations, assemblies of the nobility, and all of the associated ceremonial rituals of state took place here. If one ignores the statue of Lenin that still looks out across the square from its eastern edge, Cathedral Square provides an unparalleled atmosphere of old tsarist Russia. Clustered around the square are a series of cathedrals, towers, and palaces that together constitute almost the entire history of that period.

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Sites within the Kremlin:
The Arsenal
The State Kremlin Palace
Tsar Cannon and Bell
Cathedral Square
Ivan the Great Belltower
Assumption Cathedral

The Church of the Deposition of the Robe
The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
The Cathedral of the Annunciation
Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and The Patriarch's Palace
The Terem, Faceted, and Great Kremlin Palaces
The Armory


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