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Russia's mythic refuge, the Kremlin is a self-contained city with a multitude of palaces, armories, and churches. Though its name instantly sparks images of formidable walls, glistening onion domes, and cloistered rulers of eras past, the word "kremlin" simply means "fortified town."

The Kremlin dates back to 1147 and the very beginnings of Moscow. The original towered walls were completed in 1157, ten years after Moscow's founding, and by the late 14th century, Moscow had risen enough in power and prestige to become the seat of the Russian Orthodox Church. This change brought with it the construction of some of the Kremlin's most impressive structures, including the Cathedral of the Assumption, where Ivan defiantly tore up the charter binding Moscow to Mongol rule. Over the centuries, almost every ruler added their own, monumental touches to the ensemble, leaving us with the dazzling citadel we see today.

Sites within the Kremlin:
The Arsenal
The State Kremlin Palace
Tsar Cannon and Bell
Cathedral Square
Ivan the Great Belltower
Assumption Cathedral

The Church of the Deposition of the Robe
The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
The Cathedral of the Annunciation
Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and The Patriarch's Palace
The Terem, Faceted, and Great Kremlin Palaces
The Armory


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