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  State Holiday in Russia
  New Year, January 1

The feast, marking the beginning of New Year, has been observed in Russia since 1700 in accordance with an ukase of Peter the Great, which put an end to the old tradition of commencing a new calendar year from September, 1. and transferred this feast on January 1, in keeping with the European practice. 

  Christmas, January 7

From olden times, the first day of the Nativity of Christ is celebrated in Russia in accordance with the Julian Calendar, which is 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar.

  Day of the Defender, February 23

The day of the armed forces has been observed since 1918 as Red Army Day in commemoration of the victorious operations on the Russo-German front. In 1992 this holiday got its present official name.

  International Women's Day, March 8

Has been celebrated as an official holiday since 1917, as was suggested by Clara Zetkin. In this country March 8 has been observed as a national holiday and day off since 1967.

  May Day, May 1

In Soviet times, May Day, observed in most countries as Day of Labor, was celebrated in this country as the International Day of Solidarity of the Working People. Starting from 1992, following the disintegration of the USSR, May 1 is also celebrated in Russia as Day of Labor.

  Victory Day, May 9

This national holiday was first celebrated on May 9, 1945, to mark the end of hostilities on the European front of the Second World War. By tradition cannon are fired in Moscow and all hero cities of Russia in commemoration of the victory won by the Soviet Army in the Great Patriotic War.

  Day of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation, June 12

This holiday was first observed in the summer of 1992 in memory of the first anniversary of the nation-wide democratic elections of the first President of the Russian Federation held in June 12, 1991.

  Reconciliation Day, November 7

It was officially proclaimed on November 7, 1996, as a day of reconciliation of society split as a result of the revolution of October 25 (November 7) 1917. Until then, November 7 had been celebrated as the day of the Great October Socialist Revolution which was effected by the Bolsheviks and which split Russian society into the "red and the "white."

  Constitution Day, December 12

Was instituted in memory of the nation-wide referendum held on December 12, 1993, which resulted in the adoption of the first Constitution of the Russian Federation. Till 1993 Constitution Day was observed first on December 5, and then, from 1977, on October 7, also in commemoration of the days of the adoption of previous Soviet Constitutions.


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