Ixtapa Useful Facts

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Useful Facts

weather.gif (1472 bytes)Weather
Ixtapa's temperature is generally comfortable, with an annual average of 82F and 270 sunny days. It is sunny most of the time because even during the June-September rainy season the showers are usually brief and come during the late afternoon or evening.

Average temperatures:

Fall:           70F
Winter:     70F
Spring:      80F
Summer:   85F

trans02.JPG (5243 bytes)Transportation
All flights arrive at Zihuatanejo International Airport, about 15 minutes by car from the Hotel Zone. Private taxis are $16USD, vans about $8USD. Major carriers include: Aeromexico, Mexicana, Continental, Alaska Airlines, and America West Vacations.

Taxis are available, but agree on a fare prior to getting in.

cadeuc4.gif (287 bytes)Medical Facilities
All hotels in Ixtapa have medical service on site or on call. There are two social security hospital -public- and two small private hospitals.

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