Ixtapa Cuisine

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Cuisine and Nightlife

The are many fine restaurants to choose from in Ixtapa, including those that offer both national and international cuisine. Most of the local dishes are sea food: broiled fish fillet, stuffed local fish, deep friedfood01.jpg (19675 bytes) shrimp, fried fish tacos, shrimp cocktail, tiritas de pescado -delicate strips of fish fillet, and octopus garlic style. Ixtapa also has some very good iguana soup.

Night activities in Ixtapa begin with admiring the sunset over the water, perhaps while sipping a tropical drink or taking a sunset cruise. After a meal at one of the many restaurants, you can head to a cantina or bar, or maybe catch a cultural show at one of the hotels. Many choose to end the evening at one of the modern discos.

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