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Map This independent jewel on the Riviera dazzles visitors with an array of cultural and sports events, and with magnificent hotels and restaurants.

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Area: 0.73 square miles (approximately the size of New York's Central Park). Population: 31,900. Languages: French, Monegasque, Italian.


Monaco-Ville (the Old Town) sits atop the Rock of Monaco and includes the Palace of Monaco and the imposing Musée Océanographique with its renowned aquarium. The principality celebrated 700 years of the Grimaldi family's rule in 1997.monaco01.JPG (12548 bytes)

Monte Carlo, on the opposite side of the harbor, is the location of the glamorous hotels, the Casino de Monte Carlo and the lavish opera house.

Palace of Monaco. Built during the 13th century, Prince Rainier's palace has been renovated with 17th century frescoes and sumptuous rooms.  The state apartments are open to the public in July and 'august.  The daily changing of the guard begins at 11:55a.m.

Fontvieille is the site of the Princess Grace Rose Garden and marina. One of the newest attractions is the Stamps and Money Museum, which, along with the Museum of Old Cars, showcases private collections of Prince Rainier.