Practical Luxembourg

Where To Stay

A guide to hotels, inns, restaurants and guesthouses is available from the tourist office. Some hotels have weekend rates from $200 a person, which include all meals from dinner on Friday through lunch on Sunday.

Luxembourg Stopover Tours include airport transfers, first-class hotel accommodations and breakfast for about $70 to $80 a day, based on double occupancy.


Arriving & Departing: Findel Airport is four miles from the capital; taxi fare is about $20, bus fare about $4. Luxembourg is on the main line of many trains.

Getting Around: The Oeko-Pass System, valid on railways and public buses, costs $1 for local travel (the Short-Distance ticket, up to an hour away) and $4 for a one-day pass. Discounts are available on books of tickets.

The national railway is part of the Benelux Tourrail Pass network; see by rail. The Luxembourg Card, which offers free access to more than 30 cultural attractions, is available for one, two or three days (about $9, $14 or $19, respectively). Luxembourg has an excellent network of walking and cycling paths. The Princesse Marie-Astrid cruises the Moselle river in summer.


New Year’s Day, Shrove Monday (Feb. 10), Easter Sunday and Monday (Mar. 30 and 31), Labor Day (May 1), Ascension Day (May 8), Whitsunday and Whitmonday (May 18 and 19) National Holiday (June 23), Assumption (Aug. 15), All Saints Day (Nov. 1), Christmas, Boxing Day (Dec. 26).

Money Matters

Money Picture Banks are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to noon and 2 to 4:30 p.m.; some are open Saturday morning. The Luxembourg franc is divided into 100 centimes and is on a par with the Belgian franc. $1 = 32 LUX or BEF as of Dec. 2, 1996. Belgian currency is accepted in Luxembourg, but Luxembourg currency is not accepted in most of Belgium.

Free Literature

GRAND DUCHY of LUXEMBOURG: Information on places of interest, special events, accommodations, customs and shopping. There are also brochures on individual cities.

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