Lake Of The Incas
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A Bewitching Place

port09.JPG (17969 bytes)Over the crystal of ice that in winter covers this lake, on nights of the full moon one hears the cries of sorrow that break through the deep quiet. It is perhaps an enchantment that produces these sad sounds.

Legend has it that the cries are the soul of the Inca Illi Yunqui that wanders restlessly over the watery tomb of his beloved Princess Kora-Lle. The Princess fell to a tragic death during the celebration of a nascu, or Royal Hunt. The Inca, whose sadness disturbs the peace of these mountains, believed with the soul of a poet that no human tomb could be comparable to these deep waters. The Imperial Court looked sadly on the tiny body wrapped in white linen as it was lowered to the blue depths of the lake. From that moment on, the water turned emerald, dyed by the color of the Princess' lovely eyes that the son of the Sun, Illi Yunqui, could no longer awaken.

Thus came to be this spirit of love and mystery that wanders here, covered by the silent mantle of snow.

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