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passport.jpg (4961 bytes)Entry Requirements
To enter Chile you need a valid passport and tourist visa.   Note:  legal requirements can sometimes be complex in Chile, particularly for non-Spanish speakers. Whenever you fill out any form in Chile, make sure you get a copy of what you have completed. In every case, be sure to take all legally-issued documents with you when applying for visas, permits or other official certificates.

money.jpg (5280 bytes)Currency
Local currency is the Chilean Peso. As of this writing, the exchange was about 451 pesos per 1USD.

A 10 percent tip is required at restaurants.

Businesses typically open at 8am. Shops close at noon until 3 or 4pm, then reopen until 8 or 9pm. Banks are open only in the mornings.

hrglas4.gif (345 bytes)Time Zones
There is only one time zone in Chile.

Spanish is the national language.

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