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Useful Facts

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Recife's weather is stereotypically tropical. Its proximity to the Equator blesses it with a warm, almost unchanging temperature which usually lies somewhere between 28 and 34C. Heavy rains make daily visits during the main winter months of June and July, and the heat reaches its peak from mid-December to February, when locals typically go on vacation.

trans02.jpg (5243 bytes)Transportation
Air - The local airport, Guararapes International, services the following carriers: VARIG, TAP, Air Portugal, VASP, TAM, RIO SUL, and TRANS BRAZIL. Taxi rides from the airport to town's main hotel area cost around $10USD, although you can catch a shuttle for $6.

Taxis -  Local taxis usually average about $10USD per ride.

cadeuc4.gif (287 bytes)Medical Facilities
Hospital Santa Joana
Hospital Portugues

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