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Cuisine & Nightlife

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Recife cuisine is the cuisine of its region, Pernambuco, and the culinary influences of the area can be traced to a dynamic assortment of cultures:  The Dutch, Spanish, Moors, Africans and Indians. Many dishes come with a delicious coconut sauce, and feature corn, mandioc, fresh seafood, and native fruits.  Grilled meats are also big here, especially goat and beef dishes.

The night life of Recife is geared around the beach. Tropical outdoor clubs and bars are plentiful, and spilling from many of them is the local Pernambuco rythm, the "mangue beat." One of the newest and most popular night spots is Polo Pina, a sprawling entertainment center along the beach at Boa Viagem.

Restaurante Navagador
The Navagador, owned by one of Recife's noted families, offers sophisticated renditions of typical Pernambuco cuisine. The sea food, fresh as it gets, is not to be missed.

Oficina dos Sabores
In Portuguese, Oficina dos Sabores means the "Flavor Office," and this Olinda restaurant certainly knows its business. Specialties include a sampler plate of local cuisine, including tasty prawns with mango cream sauce.

Bargco is one of the "hot spots" along the promenade at Boa Viagem Beach. It specializes in typical Bahian food, which is known for its spicy kick.

Porcao Churrascaria
An atmospheric restaurant known for its meat dishes.

Familia Juliane
Familia Juliane is a favorite among locals. It offers typical Italian cuisine.

Alfredo the Roma
Great Italian food, especially the fettucine, in an orignal setting.

Carne na Tabua
Featuring excellent Pernambuco cuisine, Tabua specializes in beef, chicken, and vegetable dishes.

Picanha do Tio Dada
Located right on the beach, Picanha is a highly popular restaurant serving only grilled meat and beer.

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