Calendar of Events

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The months of January to March are dominated by Carnival festivities, which begin on New Year's Eve. The first week of January is the most intense, with the main partying taking place on Boa Viagem Beach. Attractions include street groups, trocas, frevo clubs, giant dolls, caboclinhos, maracatus, bumbus-meu-boi, and numerous balls.

Holy Week

Feasting takes place all month in homage to Saints Anthony, Peter, and John. The festivities include accordion bands, art exhibitions, and dancing.

The Winter Festivities of the City of Garanhus (date varies). Garanhus is located about 225km from Recife, and its festival includes exhibitions of art, photography, video, literature, dance, and theater. Accompanying the shows, of course, is plenty of food and drink.

The Cowboy's Mass, third Sunday of July.   Based in the interior city of Serrita--530km from Recife, the Cowboy's Mass celebrates local rural tradition. The highlight is an outdoor mass of hundreds of Brazilian Cowboys dressed in traditional clothing, and the festivities surrounding the mass include rodeos, singing, and feasting on local cuisine.

Folklore Month. Month-long exhibitions of local folkloric traditions.

Surubim Rodeo (date varies). The most famous rodeo in Brazil's Northeast.

Recifolia (date varies). A weekend-long  "mini- Carnival" on Boa Viagem Beach.

Northeast Fair of Animals and Derivative Products (date varies), in the suburb of Cordeiro. Exhibitions and contests featuring local livestock.

Christmas Seranade (date varies).  Beginning at Olinda's Seminary, a singing procession winds through the streets of the historical city.

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