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The cuisine of Cordoba is the cuisine of the Pampa; and the indisputablecuisine02.JPG (18581 bytes) staple of the Pampa is beef. Asado, of course, rules here as it does over much of Argentina, as do empanadas. Perhaps most unique to Cordoba is Bagna Cauda, an Italian dish brought to the city by the many immigrants who came from the Piedmont. Also popular are lomito sandwiches, made from beef tenderloin.

The city's nightlife begins with a meal. There are excellent venues down by river, where you can watch the water and sky and tap into the inherent peace of the surroundings. Afterwards, there are many bars, night clubs, and pubs to choose from in the Cerro de las Rosas or Comertial District. There is also a casino in nearby Carlos Paz on the shore of San Roque Lake.

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