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The Kremlin

Christ the Savior Cathedral

Symbolizing Moscow's awakening is the newly reconstructed Christ the Savior Cathedral, which Stalin’s regime demolished in 1931 along with countless other churches and monuments. Construction began on the new cathedral over two years ago, and crews have been working around the clock to complete it. Rising 103 meters above the city and glittering with gilded domes and crosses, the massive cathedral is a magnificent symbol of the largest construction boom in Moscow’s recent history. All over the city crews are renovating historical buildings, erecting new monuments and museums, and enriching the cityscape.

Sites within the Kremlin:
The Arsenal
The State Kremlin Palace
Tsar Cannon and Bell
Cathedral Square
Ivan the Great Belltower
Assumption Cathedral

The Church of the Deposition of the Robe
The Cathedral of the Archangel Michael
The Cathedral of the Annunciation
Cathedral of the Twelve Apostles and The Patriarch's Palace
The Terem, Faceted, and Great Kremlin Palaces
The Armory


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