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Useful Facts

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Average Temperatures:

Fall - 24C

Winter - 19C

Spring -24C

Summer - 28C (This is the rainy season, but showers are heavy and short, giving way quickly to more sun).

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Air - Flights arrive at Gustavo Diaz Ordaz Airport, about 10 minutes ($8USD by taxi) from the hotel zone. Major carriers include: Mexicana, Aeromexico, American Airlines, Delta, America West, Continental, and Alaska Airlines.

Taxis -  Taxis are widely available, though unmetered. You should agree on a price ahead of time, and if you are unsure what the norm is check with the staff at your

Banks in Town
Banamex, Bancomer, Serfin, Inverlat, Bital.

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Medical Facilities
There are several good private hospitals in town to assist you in case of emergency. Air ambulances are also available.

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