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Horse Tail Waterfall and Park
A great place for a picnic is next to Horse Tails Falls, named for the wispy cascades that dive down a brilliant green face encrusted with moss. The cascades are actually three waterfalls next to each other.

Garcia Caves
At the Garcia Caves, you can experience the wonders of the millenary rock formations hidden inside Monk's Hill. A tramway takes you up to the caves, and the interior is well illuminate with electric lights.

Chipinque Park
This beautiful national park is located in the Sierra Madre Oriental and offers gorgeous scenery.

Macro Plaza (Main Square)
Monterrey's main square has a baroque façade and is graced by a colonial cathedral and a sculpture by the great Rufino Tamayo. In the center of the square stands the town symbol, El Faro del Comercio - "The Lighthouse of Commerce." Inside the tower is a laser beam that serves as the "beacon of commerce."

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Canon de la Huasteca
The Huasteca Canyon has many well-maintained trails, and its spectacular peaks attract climbing enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of the best climbs are: Peak 15, Tepeyac Edge, Devil's Tower, Foxes Edge, Independence Peak, Cat's Wall, South and East Pyrenees, and Aconcagua Rock.

Other Attractions:
-Centro Cultural Alfa & Planetarium
-Parque La Pastora (zoo)
-Plaza Sesamo (Sesame Street Park)
-Bioparque Estrella (wild animal park)

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