Huatulco Beach

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Huatulco Legends
Mexico is rife with legends, one of its most famous in the Huatulco area. It is believed that a wooden cross was planted in the sand here, which could neither be lifted, burned or cut down for 300 years. Fragments of this cross are displayed today in the cathedrals of Oaxaca and Mexico City.

The region's capital city is the center of the Zapotec Indian culture. It has ruins dating from 1800 BC, magnificent colonial cathedrals in the baroque architecture characteristic of New Spain, quaint cafes featuring marvelous Oaxacan cuisine, and a variety of Indian arts, including the renowned Oaxacan weaving and pottery. Archeological tours are available.

The highlight of a visit to this town is its black clay pottery.

Huatulco Santo Tomas Jalietza
Here, local artisans design, build, and use wooden looms.

Mitla & Monte Alban
Historical tours to these areas include visits to outstanding examples of pre-Colombian ruins.

Mountain Ranges
The foothills of the coastal Sierra Madre mountains provide challenging and fascinating terrain for hiking and sightseeing.

The small downtown market features a variety of local arts and crafts.

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