Huatulco Market

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Cuisine and Nightlife

food01.jpg (21351 bytes)Huatulco's cuisine is the cuisine of Oaxaca, and Oaxacan cooking is widely regarded as one of Mexico's top regional cuisines. Many dishes tend to be exotic and very tasty. King of Oaxacan food is, of course, the Mole, which reaches its height here in dozens of varieties. Other popular main courses are jerk beef enchiladas served with chilaquiles -tortilla strips and sauce, and wild boars. The sea food is fresh and excellent. The truly daring won't be disappointed by the many exotic dishes like iguana or grasshoppers.


After a day of unadulterated relaxation and entertainment, it's time for - yes - more. The local nightlife offers many possibilities. At the main plaza in La Crucecita there are plenty of shops, restaurants, and bars. You can sit at the plaza and have drink while watching local musicians perform, or enjoy a live perform- ance of the Guelaguetza dance, or catch a show at one of the hotels. There are also several discos decked out with the latest light, sound, and video equipment.

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