Huatulco Beach

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Bay Tours
Huatulco's Bay is ecologically unique, and tours are available to introduce you to the wonders of the bay. Many of the region's tree species can be found here, including tepguaje, cazarate, poppy, figus mecianos, colorin, mango, gallery woods and mangrove swamps. The local fauna includes, country rats, mice, tlacoaches, armadillos, rabbits, squirrels, and white-tail deer.hua03.jpg (13632 bytes)

Ecological tours come in many forms in Huatulco. You can tour the natural wonders of the area by bike or on horseback, or even take a guided river-rafting tour.

Aqua Sports
The resorts in Huatulco offer a wide variety of water sports. You can rent jet skis, kayaks, windsurfers, or go water skiing or parasailing.

Fishing Excursions
The waters off Huatulco swarm with game fish, and charters are readily available.

Scuba Diving
Huatulco's nine bays offers some splendid diving and snorkeling sites.  In Santa Cruz and San Agustin Bays there are several wrecks you can dive on, as well as plenty of reef loaded with fish and eels.  In front of Tangolunga Bay there's an interesting bottom made of volcanic rock

Jungle Tours
The region surrounding Huatulco is covered by thousands of square miles of tropical rain forest. In town, you can arrange a guided tour of the jungle at nearby Cuatrimotos.

The Aromatic Region
About 45km from Huatulco is an area known as the Aromatic Region.  This is where Mexico's fragrant "pluma" coffee is produced, and legend has it that the first plants were brought in by an English pirate.  Later on, the area was developed by German immigrants, who abandoned their farms during the Second World War.  After their depar- ture, the farms were taken over by locals and they eventually developed into the small villages you see today.

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Surrounding Areas
There are several interesting towns near Huatulco, the most popular being the beach towns Puerto Angel and Puerto Escondido.  Puerto Escondido lies about 50 miles up the coast; its beaches are beautiful and empty and offer some of the best surfing in the world  -major international competi- tions are held here.  Nearby Puerto Angel also has excellent beaches and waves, as well as a University for Marine Biology.

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