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Cuisine and Nightlife

The restaurants of Cancun offer a wide variety of cuisine and dishes. In addition to offering Mexican food, many restaurants specialize in different international cuisines: Cajun, Chinese, Japanese, Polynesian, Greek, Moroccan, French, Italian, Caribbean, and Spanish. You can also find restaurants that serve dishes native to Quintana Roo and Campeche. Here are a few dishes favored locally:

  • Guacamole & tortilla chips
  • Tacos filled with: Mexican sausage, potato, beef, pork skin in green sauce, and Mexican sauces.
  • Quesadillas:  Folded fried tortilla stuffed with cheese and potatoes, garnished with Mexican sauces.
  • Tik-in-xic fish:  Marinated with achiote -sour orange juice- and baked with banana leafs. food.jpg (19301 bytes)
  • Tamales: steamed cornmeal stuffed with beef, chicken, pork, and sweet flavored.
  • Nachos: tortillas with cheddar cheese and jalepenos.
  • Lima Soup:  Chicken broth enhanced with lime juice, shredded chicken, & tortilla chips.
  • Eggs Motulenos:  Eggs served on top of a fried tortilla with tomato sauce, green peas, and fried banana.
  • Panuchos:  Fried tortillas stuffed with Mexican beans, with shredded turkey or pork on top.
  • Salbutes:  Fried tortillas with shredded turkey, pork, and purple onions.



Nightlife in Cancun usually begins with a sunset cruise or happy hour in a local hotel or bar, followed by dinner. Many restaurants have live music.  Afterwards, you can catch a show at the convention center, perhaps a ballet or a Flamenco show. Of course, there are also lots of discos that stay open all night.

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