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Useful Facts

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Acapulco tends to be warm all year round. The average daytime temperature is 80F, though it can get much hotter during the summer months. In the evenings, it cools considerably, with temperatures ranging from 72 to 77 degrees. Showers usually last only 15 or 20 minutes, then the sun reappears.

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Air - All flights arrive at Juan Alvarez International Airport, about 25 minutes from the hotel strip. You can take a cab for about $25USD, or a bus for $8. The main carriers servicing Acapulco are Aeromexico, Mexican, and Taesa.

Taxi - Taxis are available throughout the city. All are unmetered, so you should set a price beforehand. Tipping is optional unless the cabbie helps you with your luggage (give him about $1USD per bag). There are three kinds of cabs: the hotel cabs, which are nicer and more expensive. The street cabs with lights on their roofs, and the VW taxis, which are the cheapest and most abundant.

Notes on Transportation - On land, most visitors opt for rental cars or taxis, but the city's public bus system is reliable. If your plans include cruising the bay and nearby islands, there's an entire fleet of charter boats available.

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Medical Facilities
Acapulco has five fine medical institutions: Magallanes Hospital, Pacifico Hospital, Hospital Infantil Privado, The Mexican Institute of Social Security, and ISSSTE.

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