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La Quebrada
La Quebrada is perhaps Acapulco's most iconic attraction, a place that has come to symbolize the city itself. Every day at 1pm, young men dive from La Quebrada's perilous and jagged cliffs, timing their jump to coincide with the incoming waves that cushion their impact and protect them from landing in the shallows. Come evening, more diving takes place.

Parque Aquatico Cici
The Cici Aquatic park is Acapulco's resident theme park, designed for both fun and learning. There's a wave pool you can swim in, two water slides, dolphin and seal shows, diving shows, bird shows, a large aquarium, and a private beach club where you can relax and eat.

Museo Historico de Acapulco
Acapulco's History Museum is located in the Fuerta de San Diego, which the Spanish built in the 18th Century to ward off all the pirates who were drawn to the galleons. The fort sits on a hill above the harbor, and is an attraction in itself. The museum is managed by the Anthropology Museum of Mexico City, and it features educational exhibits about the history of Mexico prior to independence in 1821. There is a wonderful collection of artifacts that were traded between  and Asia.

Papagayo Park
This is one of the best municipal parks in Mexico, a downtown garden area totaling 52 acres and filled with exotic birds. Inside the park is a life-size model of a Spanish galleon, a racetrack with Can Am cars, a replica of the Space Shuttle Columbia, a lagoon with bumper boats, a botanical garden, and various rides.

parrot.jpg (14403 bytes)Laguna de Coyuca
A popular center for water sports such fishing, sailing and waterskiing, the Laguna de Coyuca is freshwater lagoon that also serves as an important bird sanctuary. The lagoon is 28 square miles in all, and its natural beauty is set off by water hyacinths, coconut palms, and a variety of tropical trees and flowering plants. It is located just beyond Pie de La Cuesta.


Water Sports
Acapulco offers every water sport imagineable. Through hotels, you can usually arrange for whatever activity you wish: deep sea fishing, sailing, surfing, parasailing, water and jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, and windsurfing.

horsebackriding03.jpg (12010 bytes)Land Sports
Although Acapulco is best known for activities associated with the sea and sand, there are plenty of fun activities on land as well. There are three golf courses in town as well as gynasiums you can use for a small daily fee. Tennis courts are plentiful. Horseback riding on the beaches is a popular and romantic experience.

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