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What are the best sources for tracking down exhibitions and gallery shows? Start with The Art Newspaper, a monthly London publication covering all of Europe and sold in the U.S. If you can't find a copy locally, order one ($7.50 plus postage) by calling the New York office at(212) 673-2687.

Artforum and ARTnews, both U.S. publications, are easy to find here while the magazine frieze is a good bet in London. You'll find that the contemporary art scene in London and Paris is well covered by Time Out.

In other cities, visit the local International Cultural Center or Kunsthalle, which usually have rotating exhibitions of new work. The Swiss city of Basel, for example, is the site of a famous Kunsthalle, where you can see a good selection of contemporary work. Or stop in at any gallery, classic or contemporary, and ask the owner for suggestions about where you can see the latest developments.