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Cities in countries to the east may have fewer galleries, but the art scene is very exciting. With the opening of the Dovin Gallery in Budapest, contemporary Hungarian art finally found a home. Other galleries worth visiting are Artpool, Studio 1900, and Galeria 56. Consult any gallery owner about new shows and they will tell you not only where to find the most current work, but also how to meet artists in their studios. The best guide to the art scene here is Andras Török's Budapest, available in English in most bookstores in the capital.

One of the newest additions to Prague's cultural scene is the Center for Modern and Contemporary Art. This is where you can see the work of Zdenek Pesanek (1896-1965), a well-established master famous for his glass sculptures and among the first to work in multimedia. Of the current generation, check out Petr Hora, who makes simple, almost chaste glass sculptures and Dana Zamecnikova whose glass works are at once narrative and poetic.