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As young European artists are often unrepresented by galleries or hop from one to another between shows, here are the names of some other rising stars worth tracking down. Their shows move from country to country, so you're just as likely to find a young Irish artist exhibiting in Spain as a Turk in Belgium.

Among the video artists, be sure to look for the work of Esko Manniko, whose photos depict the harsh reality of ordinary people working in the northern parts of Finland. They're at once tender and penetrating. Swiss video-installation artist Stefan Altenburger also mixes media with incredible variety and complexity.

One of the most fascinating video artists is 31-year-old Douglas Gordon, a Scotsman who won last year's Turner prize. In one work, he projected Alfred Hitchcock's Psycho one slow frame at a time, so that it takes almost 24 hours to run. The experience is at once familiar and also transporting; you know the film, yet you don't really recognize this super-attenuated projection.

French artist Claude Closky uses footage from commercials, videos and films which he splices together. One hilarious work is nothing but car chases taken from vaguely familiar films.