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     Entertainment, Dining, and Shopping in Denmark...

Dane01.JPG (10070 bytes)Entertainment

The Royal Theatre in Copenhagen is home to drama and the famed Royal Danish Ballet and Opera from mid-August through May. As a national treasure, the ballet is supported by large subsidies; consequently seats cost only from about $10 to $50. Jazz, featured in many clubs in Copenhagen, is also the focus of a popular summer festival.

Food & Drink

The national dish is smørrebrød, which means buttered bread. Actually, they are open-faced sandwiches piled with fillings such as tiny shrimp, herring, smoked salmon, scrambled eggs or assorted meats. You'll find them nearly everywhere.

Frikadeller (veal and pork meat cakes) are a matter of national pride, as are all things having to do with almond paste. Good Danish beer and aquavit complement the food specialties. Cafes offer affordable menus and many are open until 4 a.m.


Excellence in design is a Danish tradition. Visitors can shop for glassware, household gadgets, stainless-steel and sterling-silver flatware, furniture, ceramics, porcelain, crystal, jewelry and fur coats.

At stores belonging to the Danish tax-free shopping plan, visitors can save as much as 17 percent of the purchase price.

The best shops in Copen-hagen are along or just off the Strøget. Familiar names include Georg Jensen and Royal Copenhagen. Illums Bolighus and Magasin department stores offer floors of Danish-designed goods.